Guinea pigs are social animals, and will most often prefer to live in pairs or herds of their own kind. With few exceptions, guinea pigs will be happier, healthier and more outgoing when housed with other piggies. Pigs that live alone can become withdrawn or frightened since they don’t have the safety that a herd can provide. While we can and do provide enrichment and companionship for our little friends, they will thank you

  Fleece can be a wonderful alternative to loose or disposable bedding. It is more cost efficient, easier on piggie feet and lungs, hypoallergenic and better for the environment. It is just as important, however, to select good quality and long lasting fleece options to prevent injury to your furry babies, your washing machine or your wallet. Not all fleece is created equal!  Using plain fleece blankets made for lounging on the couch or strips

  We have many products that us and our piggies have fallen in love with, and we wanted to share with all of you! The following have been used and tested in our rescue and with our personal piggies. Use this list with research and our care guide for more info! Please send any questions on these or other products to!   Cage Accessories     Guineadad Fleeces Guineadad Castles Oxbow Water Bottles Guinea

  All guinea pigs require regular grooming and care. This can include nail clipping every 4-6 weeks, boar cleaning for males after 4 months, hair brushing, cleaning ears and checking teeth. Some breeds do require additional care and these include those with longer hair.    Long Haired Breeds Peruvian: These piggies are often more petite (under 800g full grown) and have smaller frames. Their hair is long and straight, growing down to and sometimes past

        Guinea Pigs are wonderful little animals and can be a joyful addition to any family. They are not, however, starter pets as so many believe. Piggies require specialized veterinary care, at least 10 square feet of living space, a carefully managed diet and regular grooming. Please review the info below to learn more! Medications and Supplements We recommend that your new babies start liquid supplements (Child’s Life vitamin C) from a

Skinny pigs, or hairless pigs, are adorable but they require specialized care that many new owners don’t anticipate! Skinny pigs have a higher metabolism to keep warm and will drink, eat and poop/pee more than their hairy counterparts. Here are some other highlights: Health Skinny pigs tend to encounter a few more health problems than the haired variety. Due to their history and breeding complications, immune systems can sometimes be weaker to that of a