All guinea pigs require regular grooming and care. This can include nail clipping every 4-6 weeks, boar cleaning for males after 4 months, hair brushing, cleaning ears and checking teeth. Some breeds do require additional care and these include those with longer hair. 


Long Haired Breeds

Peruvian: These piggies are often more petite (under 800g full grown) and have smaller frames. Their hair is long and straight, growing down to and sometimes past the floor. 

Texel: These gorgeous pigs don’t have as long hair as the others on this list but it can be thick and kinky. Their coats are made up of tighter curls and can be longer at the rump.

Silkie: Much like the Peruvian, these piggies have long hair down to or past the floor. Instead of falling straight, their coats sweep back from the heads to their backsides. 

Sheba: Not a recognized breed in most countries, these pigs are mixes of Abyssinians and Peruvians. Their coats are very thick and stick out in all directions. 


Types of Guinea Pigs – From Classic American to Fluffy Teddy

Grooming Long Haired Guinea Pigs

All long haired breeds require additional care.  Depending on the type, these piggies can require regular haircuts, mat removal, more routine baths and additional monitoring. These guinea pigs will need to be brushed out daily and searched for mats.  Owners of longer haired pigs, especially Peruvian and Shebas, will need to invest in a good pair of hair-cutting scissors and plan to give their fuzzy friends trims every few weeks. 

Many pigs are not overly found of the grooming process at first and will need time to adjust. Patience is the key to helping piggies become more comfortable. Most pigs with longer hair will need to have the locks around their backsides and private areas trimmed regularly to prevent skin issues and accumulation of feces. 

Watch this video to see the best way to give your pet a haircut.


 Males with Longer Hair

All long haired guinea pigs are prone to hair mats. These clustered of knotted hair can create skin issues and pain for the piggie if not removed carefully. Great care should be taken when removing them not the cut the skin. 

Males pigs with longer hair are prone to mats around their back legs and belly due to dominance mounting with their cage mates. They can also get hair trapped in their “pocket” or under their foreskin. This can be extremely painful and can even lead to loss of circulation. Males with long hair should be checked every few days to ensure they are clear. 


We DO NOT recommend using a buzzer/trimmer or cutting intense matting unless you are experienced. Reach out to us if you need assistance. 




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