• Guinea Pig Information

  • Medical History

  • Agreement

  • I agree to rehome my guinea pig(s) with the assistance of Tuna’s Guinea Pig Rescue (herein known as TGPR.) I agree to the following as part of the rehoming process:

    1) TGPR does not take possession of the pig(s) during the rehoming process. It is expected that current owners will continue to provide appropriate food, housing and medical care for the duration.

    2) TGPR does not guarantee adoption timeframes.

    3) TGPR reserves the right to adopt rehoming pigs to any home within the approved radius (3 hours from owner location). Current owners are responsible to assist with transport to new home.

    4) Current owners SHOULD NOT directly contact prospective adopters. All adoptions will be processed through TGPR’s screening steps and approved/declined.

    5) Adoption fees paid will be retained by TGPR as a donation for rehoming services.

    6) Pig(s) will not be listed on TGPR social media or website until gender and medical care is confirmed. It is the current owner’s responsibility to report any newly developed medical concerns to TGPR immediately.

    Pigs accepted into the Adoption by Owner program will be listed on the TGPR website and social media pages. They will also be included in any adoption even advertising or rescue specials as applicable. Prospective adopters will be processed through the TGPR adoption application and be held to the same standards as traditional adopters.
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