Best Friends are Furry

It all started with a pig…

During the of the most difficult times in our lives, we decide to bring a fuzzy companion into our home. Tuna, an orange and white Abyssinian, was adopted and immediately became the love of our lives. You wouldn’t know to look at her, but Tuna had a rough start. She was alone in a cage at the store we pulled from, very small and extremely ill. We learned a lot about piggy care, medical needs and the joy of watching them flourish. We were hooked.

Tuna was soon followed by her two sisters Pudge and Peanut Butter. Pudge was saved from a feed store and near death, having been weaned from her mother too early while suffering from an untreated URI. Peanut Butter was an oopsie baby born from a hoarding situation. The three are now the queens of our house 🙂 

In the process of adopting Tuna and her sisters, we found other pigs in need. First was Koda, a piggy advertised as a “she” which turned out to be a “he”. Then Nani, a former classroom pig with untreated arthritis. None of these other pigs were right for our house, but they needed someone who could get them vet care, socialize them and find them loving homes. This is how Tuna’s Guinea pig rescue was born. We are now a collection of foster and transport assisters who specialize in locating happy furever homes for little piggies. And it all started with a pig named Tuna.