Fostering Saves Lives

Please review the following information before applying to foster. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

Things to Consider: 

– (If Requested) The foster kit provided will include a cage, fleece, water bottle, and a food bowl. The cage will be a Midwest variant and is approximately 8 square feet (47x24x14). This is a temporary cage and is NOT intended to be a permanent home.

– A top/lid can be provided to keep other animals out of the cage but please be mindful of loud or larger pets near the piggies as this can cause them stress.

– If you do not already have an exotic vet, we will need to locate one in your area in case of an emergency. TGPR will cover all approved medical care for foster pigs. Note that we must require all dogs and cats in the home have minimum required vaccinations and any current guinea pigs have received regular medial care. 

– Please keep in mind foster piggies MUST be kept separate from other (personal) piggies in the household unless explicit permission is provided. This is protect both your piggies and the foster piggies. 


How to Start

To apply to be a foster home, please complete the online application and image uploads here: