• Foster Contract - Images

  • I agree to act as temporary Foster Home for Tuna’s Guinea Pig Rescue (herein known as TGPR) and adhere to the following requirements:

    1) Guinea pigs can only be housed at the location listed above unless written approval is provided by TGPR. TGPR reserves the right to recover the guinea pigs from the foster home at any time.

    2) I understand that I am responsible for adhering to all TGPR standards of care and applicable local and state laws dealing with animal welfare.
    Explanation: This includes keeping the cage in a temperature controlled location that is free from flying and crawling insects, home pests and refuse. This also includes other pet enclosures and accessories being in good condition and the kitchen area where meals are prepared also being in clean, safe condition.

    3) I agree to a premises check upon the request of TGPR which can include a visual inspection of the living quarters of all TGPR foster animals in that environment. Visits will have a minimum of 24 hours notice and during reasonable hours (8-7).

    4) TGPR can request current medical records for any existing pets living in the home, including verification of exotic vet care for any guinea pigs.

    5) Any guinea pigs fostered must be fed, watered and housed appropriately. I agree to provide an adequate and nutritious diet, including any necessary supplements, as recommended by TGPR. I also agree to abide by any instructions given by TGPR regarding the feeding of specific brands or types of supplemental food and/or nutritional supplements. Although TGPR will make every attempt to furnish food and/or supplies for foster care volunteers, I understand that availability of supplies are limited by donations. TGPR may ask for donations of funds and supplies for the foster guinea pigs. Daily fresh veggies will be the responsibility of the foster parent.

    6) If veterinary care is required, I agree to alert TGPR prior to seeking care and approving any medical procedure. An exception would be in emergency and lifesaving situations where the life of the guinea pigs are in jeopardy. Note that unapproved medical expenses may not be reimbursed.

    7) I agree to keep the foster guinea pigs separate from my own pets (unless approved), and that the possibility of foster animals fighting, injuring, or spreading illness to my own pets does exist. I also agree to administer preventative treatments to existing guinea pigs in the home, including mites and ringworm.

    8) Any foster guinea pigs will be adopted to a permanent home only under the supervision of TGPR, to an adopter approved by TGPR, even if the adopter is me or a member of my household.

    9) I verify that I have experience in guinea pig care, handling and medical needs or that I have completed training with TGPR. I agree to contact TGPR if I need help with nail trims and boar cleaning, and will wiegh pigs on the required schedule and log in the provided link.

    10) All foster guinea pigs must be housed in either the supplied cage set-up OR an approved enclosure that meets the minimum size requirement.