• Guinea Pig Information

  • Medical History

  • Agreement

  • I agree to surrender my guinea pig(s) into the care of Tuna’s Guinea Pig Rescue (herein known as TGPR.) I agree to the following as part of the surrender process:

    1) TGPR takes complete ownership and financial responsibility for the surrendered pig(s), and will not confer with previous owners on care or housing decisions. All medical care, nutritional and end of life decisions will be solely TGPR’s.

    2) TGPR does not guarantee adoption timeframes, locations or provide updates beyond the public posts for any surrendered animal.

    3) TGPR reserves the right to house surrendered pigs with certified foster homes, additional facilities and transfer to other rescues as necessary.

    4) Any supplies provided to TGPR with the surrendered pig(s) will be considered donations unless otherwise specified and may not be provided to new adoptive owners.

    5) If you are surrendering a pair/trio of pigs and would prefer they remain bonded, TGPR will not separate them unless required by medical condition/treatment or behavioral observation. If the pigs need to be separated, they will be bonded with another prior to adoption. **Groups larger than 3 cannot guarantee to remain together

    6) Individuals who surrender animals to TGPR will not be allowed to adopt pigs for a minimum of 1 year. After this time, the home/situation and be re-accessed.
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