• Hospice at Home Program Requirements
    To qualify for the program, current owners must:

    1. Agree to a preliminary home visit to determine the condition of the pig(s) and home environment. During the visit, the TGPR volunteer will perform a health check and may administer approved maintenance medications.

    2. Provide a TGPR approved home environment that meets foster home level standards. This includes at least 8-10 square feet of living space, clean dust free paper/fleece bedding, at least one enclosed hide, timothy-based pellets, unlimited timothy hay, fresh veggies daily and clean water. Home must also be smoke and toxin free.

    3. Transport the pig(s) to the TGPR Vet Hospital for assessment. This program is only designed for animals over the age of 7.5 or/and suffering from a terminal illness. Those that do not fit this criterion will need to be more to the Adoption by Owner program.

    4. Complete program paperwork and agree to regular health checks and home visits.

    5. Recertify pig(s) yearly to remain in the program.

    Hospice at Home Program Outline
    As part of the program, TGPR commits to:

    1. Cover veterinary care for initial assessment and pain/condition management medications (as approved).

    2. Cover costs of euthanasia if determined necessary by TGPR approved Vet Hospital.

    3. Provide hay, pellets, bedding and supplements as needed and available.

    4. Facilitate home visits to determine standards and condition of pig(s).

    5. Recertify participants yearly to remain in the program.
  • By agreeing to participate in the program, you agree to relinquishing custody of the pig(s) to TGPR. You will serve as an end-of-life foster. If you do not adhere to the requirements of the program, you agree to allow TGPR to take physical custody with one of our certified fosters.