• I agree as an adopter with Tuna’s Guinea Pig Rescue (herein known as TGPR.), I will follow the below standards and requirements:

    1) I will review and adhere to the TGPR care guide located at https://tunasguineapigrescue.com/care-guides/guinea-pig-care-guide-2/. This is not a replacement for the advice of an exotic veterinarian.

    2) The guinea pig(s) will have proper vitamin C rich foods and supplements to prevent disease. This can come in the form of vitamin C rich foods (bell peppers), oxbow cookies or liquid vitamin C (child’s life). It will not be added to water.

    3) The adopted guinea pig(s) will receive unlimited, good quality hay, appropriate pellets and fresh veggies daily. Juveniles (under 3 months) will receive alfalfa-based pellets and hay when available.

    4) Any guinea pigs adopted from TGPR will be housed in the submitted cage or a comparable cage which is at least 10 square feet (for a pair). This equates to a 2X4 c&c cage and will increase for more than 2 pigs. Males will require a 2x5.

    5) Guinea pigs from TGPR will NEVER be used for breeding or purposely housed with or near those of the opposite sex. Those found to be breeding adopted guinea pigs will be prosecuted within the extent of state law.

    6) I have never been convicted of animal cruelty and I have no pending animal cruelty or neglect case against me or any member of my home.

    7) The required adoption fee will be paid prior to transport and/or transfer of ownership.

    8) TGPR volunteers will contact adoptive owners 30, 60 and 90 days post adoption for regular check ins and wellness confirmation.

    9) Any adopted guinea pigs will be returned to TGPR if you can no longer care for or house the animals.

    10) A “new patient” vet appointment will be scheduled for the adopted guinea pigs within 3 months of adoption from TGPR.

    11) If my adopted pigs should show signs of illness I will immediately take them to my designated exotic vet for treatment.

    12) I will provide basic maintenance care, including regular nail trimming, well visits with my vet and boar cleaning for males.