Guinea pigs are herd animals, and should always live with others if their species. Our piggies love us, but we cannot replace pig to pig interaction. In the wild, a single male will live with many females. In captivity, however, we change that natural order to prevent babies!
While females can still be kept in herds ranging in size, males do best in bonded pairs or as the only boar (male guinea pig) with a group of females when neutered. Since males can be much more territorial, there is normally only about a 20% – 30% chance of a bond working. Male owners will need to be patient and plan well to find their baby a buddy.


Let’s look at some of the bonding options and tips/tricks:
What’s the best way to bond boys?
We recommend one bonding session in neutral territory (kitchen or bathroom floors penned off work great). Add some hay and veggies to try and keep the pigs calm. Here is a great video to start with:
Can I bond more than 2 males?
While it is possible for more than one boar to live together, it is rare and the possibility of fighting and breakups is higher. We recommend keeping males in bonded pairs and adding additional bonded pairs in seperste cages.
Note that each pig is different, and experienced piggie owners can make a larger group work with gentle natured males.
Can a male live next to a female/group of females?
Boars have been known to impregnate female through cage bars and climb out of cages to get to their “neighbors”. If you have females and males in the same room, do the following:
* Ensure there is space between cages and a cover on the male’s cage
* Its not recommended to keep multiple males in the same cage near females as this may cause them to fight
Should I neuter?
Neutering a boar will NOT change aggressive or dominant behavior, but it can prevent pregnancy when living with a female. Here is a video with more info:

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