Spring Basket Raffle Ticket


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Piggie Care Basket

2 piggy enrichment cards, refillable qtips, cotton quips, cotton gauze, and coconut containers. Vitamin c cookies, handmade (crochet) piggy dish scrubbie, a large set of nail clippers and a cute one of a kind beauty bag to hold the grooming supplies.


Kid Fun Basket

4 handmade Easter egg crayons(Crayola crayons), 24ct side walk chalk, Pete the cat Easter book, and a copy of the rescue coloring book.


Date Night Basket

Candies(sour patch kids, rainbow nerds and gummy bears), large bag of popcorn kernels to make popcorn in a pot, popcorn seasonings white cheddar, butter, and garlic parmesan, and the movie secret life of pets.

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Piggie Care, Kid Fun, Date Night


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