About Us

We are a small, emergency-based rescue with a foster network in Virginia, DC, North Carolina and Maryland. Our main rescue center is located in Hampton roads Virginia.

Please use the surrender and adoption forms linked below. If you have another request or inquiry you can email us at:


We will try our best to respond back to you within 24 hour, but please review our “communication hours” below: 

Monday – Friday: 5:30pm – 7:30pm EST

Saturday: 3:00pm – 5:00pm EST

Adoption Application

Surrender Request


Tuna’s Guinea Pig Rescue is run by our founders:

Gertie McQuillan:  Gertie fell in love with Guinea Pigs at a young age and decided to begin fostering when she moved to Virginia. During the day, she designs curriculum and manages trainers for a web hosting company.



Ken Gaffney:  Ken never had pets as a child but became invested in piggies when the couple adopted their first. He is known as the “veggie man” of the house and the piggies always know when he is coming! 



The couple live in Virginia and are “parents” to seven females: Tuna, Pudge, Peanut, Cruella, Houdini, Mim and Henley.








The legal stuff…

We are an incorporated nonprofit in the state of Virginia with verified 501c3 status.